Old AAU Can’t Hang

Story written by John Devaughn & Natale Green

2011-picMetroball DC’s New AAU basketball squad (Metroball DC) won against the old AAU team (Team Eastside) in a very close and intense 19 and under game.

The new AAU team showed that they weren’t just big and tall but knew how to hang with the best of them and bang on the rest of them. This back to back constant scoring made the game more than interesting to watch and had the entire audience on pins and needles rooting for their favorite player. Players from both teams seemed to be having problems with a lot of the ref’s calls or non-calls. the Team Eastside knew how to handle the ball but not the refs. Number 10 Thaddeus Smith (Headed to Seward County Community College in Kansas) said “we need to improve on our alternative defense…, it was good but it could be better.”

The game became very emotional once starting point guards from both teams became very competitive seeing as though they used to play together and now the predecessor has become the teacher. The final point for the win was scored not with a second to spare on the clock leaving the final score as 38 to 40 in a devastating upset for the old AAU team, while gaining 2 points for their win. Rose Guard, Hershell Grant (#4) for Metroball DC showed his great ball management skills. We had a chance to speak with one of Oklahoma State’s new prospect. “we played good and hard, it was a good game… we played hard and got the W”

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