We R One’s Big 3

Story written by John Devaughn & Natale Green

In week 3 of the New York Ave Classic, We R One defeated the Warriors in a 49 to 25 upset in the 16 and under division.

The Warriors lead scorer from week two Thomas (Tom) Jackson had a torn ligament in his foot and was not able to play this week, but We R One showed that it wouldn’t have made a difference. We R One utilized all of their players well while shifting positions and passing the ball around the defense effectively for most of the first half. The Warriors bench allowed more than 9 unanswered point from their opponents and couldn’t find their rhythm while they trailed the entire game. The Warriors still didn’t let this unfortunate scoring deficit harm their spirits as they played hard defense the whole game. We R One’s players number 8 Marlo, number 2 Trey, and number 5 Don Don, scored a total of 32 points between the big three. They showed court vision with good ball handling and also maturity on the court. We R One received the maximum of 15 points for this win and the Warriors lost the same amount of points. Marlo, Trey, and Don Don trio is what every 16 and under team will have to look out for in week 4.

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