Week 7 Recap

Stories written by John Devaughn

Since Week 6 was too hot to play any games, we continued on Saturday, July 30th and also played games on Tuesday, August 2nd.

No Easy Points

CCA Ballers defeated Ft. Washington Elite in a 12 and under upset this past Saturday. The game started off very slowly with a low scoring half. Ft. Washington Elite’s number 23 handled the ball well and demonstrated impeccable court vision. Both teams played hard and hustled even harder but neither team played team-ball, which caused a low scoring 1st half with CCA Ballers only scoring 9 points and Ft. Washington Elite 5 points. CCA Ballers began the 2nd half with plenty of steals and able to capitalize on every play. Running up the score to 22-7 with under a minute left in the game, CCA Ballers played good all around basketball. The final score was 26-7 and CCA Ballers gaining 11 points for their win, they only allowed 2 points from Ft. Washington Elite in the entire 2nd half.

Close But No Cigar

MD Mavs fall to WE R One in the 16u Division. We R One started the game off with tough inside points and team ball, with effective ball rotation. We R One’s number 1 scored 5 of their first 8 points leaving MD Mavs with 0 points. MD Mavs were rushing shots and not playing confidently, too many perimeter shots and not enough takes to the rim. The Mavs finally got on the boards due to free throw shots, they begin to attack the rim but rushed shots didn’t result in any extra points. Mavs 5 and We R One 19 at the half. MD Mavs came into the 2nd half looking a little more confident and closing the gap but We R One still continued to play hard. We R One ended the game with 29 to MD Mavs 19 and gained 10 points for their win.

Communication is Key

Tyler House crushed the Warriors in the 16u matchup. This game started off with a lot of energy from both teams. Warriors number 5 handled the ball well and both teams played hard but Tyler House led at the half with a score of 22-12. Warriors coach critiqued his team’s defense at the half, saying that they need to communicated on the court and play smart defensive basketball. Too many turnovers at the beginning of the 2nd half didn’t help the Warriors, but Tyler House made easy buckets to increase their lead. Warriors began to show fatigue and frustration. The game was stopped early when Tyler House was up by 20 points, the final score was 51-22 with Tyler House gaining the full 15 points for winning their game.

He’s on Fire

DC Finest and Eastside faced off with our first 19 and under game of the day. Back to back scoring started off this very energetic game, DC’s Finest had 11 to Eastside’s 10 in the first 2 minutes. Defensive fouls against DC’s Finest hurt them a lot, but fouls hurt both teams. Number 10 Calvin grabbed rebounds in the paint, while number 7 Dink sunk plenty of three pointers to keep DC’s Finest in the game. Despite their efforts DC’s Finest trailed at the half with the score 23-20. Dink came into the 2nd half 0-2 from the perimeter, Eastside capitalized on each play with a 7-2 run and began to increase their lead. DC’s Finest looked for a momentum change but it never came. Eastside closed the game out with the score 47-41, gaining 6 points for their win.

The Undefeated Champs

The undefeated Metroball DC played Tyler House in one of our most intense 19 and under games of the day. Metroball DC took off with huge dunks from their big guys Maxie and Brian to give them a 10-0 run in the first 2 minutes. Tyler House began to get back in the game with the score 12-22 with 5 minutes left in the first half. Tyler House number 4 Simmis stepped up and took the initiative to get his team back in the game; they closed the score gap 19-24. At the half the score was Metroball DC 29 and Tyler House 22. Coming into the 2nd half, both teams gave back to back shots and Tyler House number 20, Tim, began to attack the rim aggressively and putting points on the board closing the gap even more. Metroball DC Continued to play hard ball but Tyler House started to play better ball. Tyler House number 7, Fats, came off the bench and was 2-2 from the perimeter. Metroball DC’s Melvin Mitchell had excellent ball control with plenty of points, this caused a tie game with under 2 min left to play – 48 up. Tyler House won by one point 52-51 and Fats had 9 points off the bench, they got 1 point from their win.