Metroball Kick’s off the 11th Annual New York Ave Classic


It’s summer time and all the youth in the North Capital region of DC knows that means, the Metroball tournament is back! This has grown to be one of the area’s largest summer tournament in the city. Started 10 years ago by Metropolitan Basketball founders Terrance Judge & Kevin Jones, this event is given to promote a sense of community awareness, prevent the youth from violent behavior, and deter crime in the area.

The event is completely FREE for all participants 19 & Under. With a total of close to 400 youth this year (ages from as young as 7), we decided to not have the adult division. Since many of the older participants have played in this event since they were very young, we are still planning some adult games throughout the summer to show our appreciation for the support.

This year Metroball has added a Youth Sports Journalism program to the event. Our reporters will be writing stories on the games, conducting interviews, and highlighting all of the participants in the tournament. Here are some of the stories.

Recap Stories

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