Big Meech Gives the Heat a Run for Their Money

Story written by John Devaughn & Natale Green

MD Jayhawks beat the SMD Heat 43 to 35 in week 3 of the New York Ave Classic, in the 19 and under division.

SMD Heat looked very confident in warm-ups and had no problem showing off various dunks for the crowd, but couldn’t incorporate all of their practice moves in to the game. The Jayhawks were smaller in size but they had a speed advantage and played solid ground-and-pound ball. The back to back scoring kept the crowd on edge in the first half, at the end of the half SMD Heat led 20-16.

When the second half rolled around the SMD Heat were on a run scoring early and often but when the last 3minutes of the game came around they just couldn’t get a shot to fall, and the Jayhawks took over. Winning the game 43-35, MD Jayhawks were led by their 6’4 high flying guard, number 23, Dimitri (Meech). The 18 year old had numerous dunks and led his team in scoring with 15 points. Dimitri has just previously graduated from high school and will take his game to the next level.”It was a cool game, the ref let us play ball without too many mindless calls” Meech said in an after game interview. “This is where the real street baller’s are made at, out here in these streets…” The one thing Dimitri said he really needed to work on was his strength for the upcoming games. The Jayhawks also received 8 points for this win, while SMD Heat lost 8 points.


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