Metroball’s New York Ave Classic Completes Another Great Summer

Metroball’s New York Ave Classic Completes Another Great Summer

On Saturday August 5th, the 17th Annual Metroball New York Ave Classic finished up another great Summer of Youth Basketball in Washington DC.  Each year this event gets stronger and stronger with tougher competition.  Many of the teams surrounding DC enter the league to see if they have what it takes to compete with inner city youth in the tough streetball environment.  Some teams adapt while for others, the tough crowd, heat, and competition is too much to handle.  Either way, everyone has fun and gets to elevate their game in the process.

This year’s playoffs began the night before with first round games, capped off by a thrilling JV game between Team Clutch and Bowie Rams that went into triple OT.  The next day, the playoffs continued at 10am with more high level competition in all divisions.  2017 turned out to be one of the best years for Summer League.  Many teams returned from previous years retooled and ready to take the title.  One team that really impressed us was Team Hustle 11u from Southern MD. This was their first time competing in the Streetball League and they proved that not only could they handle the competition, they were able to grind out some tough playoff games and eventually take the Elementary School Championship.  Other notable teams were Team Clutch that won the Middle School and JV Championships.  Tyler House Elite and The Trojans have always been the main teams to beat in this league each year.  These teams almost always end up battling it out in numerous divisions for the Championship.  This year, Tyler House took the Varsity Championship with a close win over the Trojans.

As we close this year’s league, we look forward to the 2018 Summer League and know that it would be even better!  Registration begins May 1st 2018.

Congratulations to All of Our Champions:



17th Annual New York Ave Classic

17th Annual New York Ave Classic

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In 2000, a basketball league was formed to keep youth active and engaged in positive activity during the summer months.  Over the years, thousands of youth in and around the DC area have participated in this event, this making this event the largest youth Streetball League in the city.

As always, this has been a community event that embraces the the neighborhoods that surround the New York Ave Playground, located at 100 N St. NW, Washington DC.  We have a great time every week with food, music, games, education, and community related information.  This 10 week event has some of the most competitive youth basketball players in city that want to make a name for themselves on the streets of DC as a Baller!!

The divisions are Elementary School (4th-5th grade), Middle School (6th – 7th Grade, & 8th Grade), JV (9th-10th Grade), Varsity (11th-12th Grade).

Games begin SATURDAY, JUNE 17th and are played Every Saturday until August 5th, 2017

It’s About Time, Coach Rob Nickens Joins Metroball Staff!!

It’s About Time, Coach Rob Nickens Joins Metroball Staff!!

Metroball Youth Outreach has been in existence for 17 years now and for more than half of those years, we have worked closely with the Head coach of Theodore Roosevelt High School, Rob Nickens.  Many of Roosevelt’s Basketball Alumni have started with Metroball very young and then attended Roosevelt High School where Coach Nickens developed their skills.  He has done so well with these youth that over the last 9 seasons, Roosevelt HS Boys have been to the DCIAA Championship Game 7 times!

Metroball has called on Coach Nickens to help prepare our Middle School youth and young freshmen to play High School Basketball at the highest level.  He will use his many years of High School experience to condition and develop the Metroball DC Local Team youth so that they will be prepared to play with the Metroball DC Travel Team.  Coach Nickens’ expertise is a very valuable asset to the Metroball Program.  He has always shared the same goals as our program, and has the commitment to the welfare of the youth he serves.

We look forward to a long term relationship with Coach Nickens and helping Metroball Youth reach their potential.  No matter where these kids ultimately choose to play High School Basketball, they will be up for the challenge.  We hope that they will choose a program like Roosevelt and make their contribution to the Milk House and Coach Nickens!!

Coach Nickens credentials – 3 DCIAA Regular on Conference Championships, 3 DCIAA Tournament Championships, 1 State Championship.  Roosevelt Over-All Record of 311-98!!  The only coach to win a championship at Roosevelt HS.

Metroball Partners with The DC Summer Youth Employment Program, Again

Metroball Partners with The DC Summer Youth Employment Program, Again

The Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) is a locally funded initiative sponsored by the Department of Employment Services (DOES) that provides District youth ages 14 to 24 with enriching and constructive summer work experiences through subsidized placements in the private and government sectors. Employers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area make this annual program possible by volunteering to serve as Host Employers and providing structured job opportunities for youth during the summer.

Metroball Youth Outreach has been a partner with SYEP for more than 5 years now and this year is no exception.  We hire youth to help us manage and operate The Annual New York Ave Summer Youth Streetball Tournament from June to August each year in Washington DC.  In addition to the jobs provided through MBSYEP, Metroball also allows youth to work for Community Service Hours that can be used towards their required hours to graduate High School.

Here are the Metroball jobs offered through MBSYEP:

Each of our positions would require the applicant to work outdoors on Saturdays at the New York Ave Playground (100 Nst. NW). The New York Ave Summer Basketball League runs every Saturday during the summer and has over 500 youth that participate each year. We are looking for motivated individuals for the following positions:

 1) Job Number: 13785

   Position: Scorekeeper/Statistician

 DESCRIPTION: These applicants must be able to keep score for the games played. They must know how to use scorebooks to keep track of the official score, fouls, and time outs of each game. Must be able to work under pressure and be pay attention to details. This position is for SATURDAYS ONLY and runs for the duration of the summer.

2) Job Number: 13786

   Position: Sports Journalist


DESCRIPTION: Reporting on each game, writing interesting and creative stories about the participants in the League, and conducting interviews. These articles will then be posted to the Metroball website. These individuals will also create a weekly newsletter that will be distributed at the games.

This position is mainly for Saturdays but extra hours will be allowed to write articles, develop newsletters, editing, and posting to the web. Extra hours will also be allotted for writing articles about the Metroball teams and other company events.


DESCRIPTION: Take pictures of the games, players, and the event. This applicant must have an interest in photography and work closely with the Journalists and Social Media Specialist to connect pictures with stories, articles, & blogs, & posts. These individuals should have their own High Speed Camera.

This position is mainly for Saturdays but extra hours will be allowed for editing pictures web. Extra hours will also be allotted for taking pictures of the Metroball teams and other company events.


DESCRIPTION: Record video of the games and the event. Edit the video to create highlights that will be posted on www.metroball.org and YouTube. These applicants will work closely with the Journalists, Photographers, and Social Media Specialist to record interviews, connect video to the articles, pictures, blogs, and posts. Also create and record a weekly Sports Show about the League. These applicants should have some experience in recording and editing video. These individuals should have their own video camera.

This position is mainly for Saturdays but extra hours will be allowed to edit videos during the week. Extra hours will also be allotted for recording Metroball teams and other company events.

3) Job Number: 13787

   Position: Maintenance Crew

 DESCRIPTION: This position is for a crew that would be responsible for setting up and breaking down the equipment and supplies each week for the event. They would also be responsible for keeping the park clean of trash throughout the day. They will help with the general operation of the event. This position is for SATURDAYS ONLY and runs for the duration of the summer.


For more information about The Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, Go To the MBSYEP Youth Portal

Metroball Youth Outreach Opens Workouts to All Area Youth

Metroball Youth Outreach Opens Workouts to All Area Youth

MYO LogoMetroball Youth Outreach Basketball Club has already started workouts for youth ages 8-18. The workouts consist of basic conditioning and basketball drills to help get youth prepared for school teams and the 2017 AAU season. This is the first time that the workouts are open to EVERY youth in the DC area (boys and girls) and not just those on the Metroball DC AAU teams. By providing this type of training for all youth regardless of what team or club they normally play with, helps to raise the competition level in the DC area, and keep youth prepared to perform well during the school and AAU season. We believe that raising the skill level of the youth in this region and preparing them for competition will help bring more recruiting, education, and recognition to all area basketball clubs.

Come train alongside many of the current Metroball DC AAU Team members that have won many high level tournaments during the 2016 AAU season..

Metroball workouts will run from October 1st 2016 – February 15th, 2017.

Metroball AAU Team tryouts for the 2017 AAU Season will be in February 2017.

For more information about joining the Metroball workouts email metroballdc@yahoo.com or call 240-832-9351.