Metroball Youth Outreach Opens Workouts to All Area Youth

Metroball Youth Outreach Opens Workouts to All Area Youth

MYO LogoMetroball Youth Outreach Basketball Club has already started workouts for youth ages 8-18. The workouts consist of basic conditioning and basketball drills to help get youth prepared for school teams and the 2017 AAU season. This is the first time that the workouts are open to EVERY youth in the DC area (boys and girls) and not just those on the Metroball DC AAU teams. By providing this type of training for all youth regardless of what team or club they normally play with, helps to raise the competition level in the DC area, and keep youth prepared to perform well during the school and AAU season. We believe that raising the skill level of the youth in this region and preparing them for competition will help bring more recruiting, education, and recognition to all area basketball clubs.

Come train alongside many of the current Metroball DC AAU Team members that have won many high level tournaments during the 2016 AAU season..

Metroball workouts will run from October 1st 2016 – February 15th, 2017.

Metroball AAU Team tryouts for the 2017 AAU Season will be in February 2017.

For more information about joining the Metroball workouts email metroballdc@yahoo.com or call 240-832-9351.

Our Programs

Our Programs

The Metropolitan Basketball League (aka Metroball, a 501c3 non-profit organization) has been a very positive force in the lives of over 500 youths each year in Washington D.C. for over ten years. During the school year, we operate a positive After School Basketball Skills Camp/Fitness program at several public schools in the District. In addition, we coach/mentor our youth Amateur Athletic Union Basketball Teams (AAU) and travel around the country with them to compete in various tournaments to compete in front of recruiting college coaches. The highlight of our program is our very own annual New York Ave. Summer Streetball Tournament to reduce violence which runs from the middle of June through the middle of August each year.

Our programs have formed partnerships with police officers, city officials, neighborhood partners, corporate sponsors, local school districts, community centers and Boys and Girls Clubs. Youth are lead by trained instructors to focus on positive reinforcement, trust-building, and the achievement of goals, by engaging youth in one-on-one outing and group adventures in the community. Trainers and youth interact and meet between 10-15 hours per week for a full year.

Metroball currently has seven (7) comprehensive programs. They are as follows:

• After School Program (skills Clinic) – MYO reach many youths by operating an after-school skills clinic in middle schools in the city simultaneously throughout the year. Skill clinics help develops the youth’s knowledge, basic fundamentals, promotes team work, individual responsibility and improve their physical condition which helps reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

• Amateur Athletic Union teams (AAU) – The year round AAU Program (Metroball DC) continues to serve over 35 youths in the DC area. This program focuses on many of the most troubled youth in the area. Through organized practices, mentoring, and life skills sessions, many of these youths have been able to complete their education in high school and receive basketball scholarships from universities and colleges throughout the country. Before entering this program, most of the participants were skipping school and have been involved criminal activity. The program offers a positive outlet that is desperately needed for them to express their frustrations and troubles. In addition, they enhance their basketball skills to the point that they are able to compete with some of the best youth athletes in the country. The AAU program enabled several neighborhood kids to compete in national basketball tournaments sanctioned by the NCAA. National competition allowed the youth participants to experience a wealth of opportunities beyond their current environment. Since 2009, twelve (12) of our program participants received full athletic college scholarships.

• College and Career Preparation (CCP Program) – This program provides participants with assistance in planning education and career paths that matches their skills and preferences. The transition from high school to college can be a tough one to navigate. Especially, for those who are the oldest child in a family or a first generation college student, which is the case with the majority of our participants. Our staff provides program participants with guidance on finding, apply and paying for college, learn about all options—and how they can achieve them. Youth participants are provided guidance to improve their academics, test scores (SAT/ACT), and assistance with registering with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse (an organization that determines whether prospective college athletes are eligible to play sports at NCAA Division I or Division II institutions). The transition from a high school student to the workforce can also be a tough one to navigate. Especially, for those who live in a single parent household, living with grandparents or in foster care. This phase of the program youth learn how to fill out job applications, write a resume, job searching and preparing for interviews. Youths are counseled on appropriate language that should be used on job applications, resume and during the interview. Also, youths are educated on the proper attire that should be worn on interview. We provide youths with dress attire for graduations, ceremonies, job interviews and college orientations.

• Sport Journalism Program – This program allows youths to focus on all aspects of sports journalism. Practical hands-on experi¬ence prepares youths for positions as producers, announcers, writers, researchers, videographers and editors. Youth’s video records all MYO games events and galas. The emphasis of this program is on sports broadcasting (televi¬sion and radio), although youths will receive instruction in writing for the print and online media. Youths develop skills in interviewing, hosting, editing, shooting and research¬ing. Youths learn to apply critical thinking skills and to differentiate sports journalists from sports fans.

• Annual Summer Basketball Tournaments – The “New York Avenue Summer Classic” is largest youth basketball program in the city which operates from June through August annually. Since established in 2000, this tournament was able to ease tensions in the Truxton Circle region of the city. By allowing the youth from surrounding neighborhoods to interact with each other through competitive activity, the staff has been able to reduce violence and deviant behavior in the neighborhoods surrounding the New York Ave Playground (100 N St NW). MYO has been able to build upon the success of the annual tournament to help developed the AAU program. The violence in the neighborhood started to decrease as residents began to enjoy the programs, and participation grew.

Fundraiser/Revenue Generating Programs:
• Metroball DC 3 on 3 – In 2009, an organization called “Hoops Dreams” closed its doors after serving several years in the community helping the homeless in the District of Columbia. Hoop Dreams hosted an annual event called “Hoops for the Homeless” which raised funds over $500K annually for the homeless. Hoop Dreams donated all of their equipment to our organization so we now have the capability of hosting large 3 on 3 style tournaments to raise funds.

• Hoops for Hire – We have sixteen (16) portable basketball hoops available for event rental ideal fun for company picnics, block parties, birthday parties or hosting basketball tournaments. We can supply you with a full size mobile hoop, indoor/outdoor balls, scoreboards, scorekeepers and professional referee(s). Also, we can provide uniforms, athletic apparel and food and refreshments.

For more information on Metroball or our programs, please email us at metroballdc@yahoo.com